Whew …It Has Been a Minute!

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Friends, family, followers, and strangers (not for long I hope), it has been a long time since my last post. 130 days to be exact, not that anyone or I is keeping track. A lot has transpired since my last post and I finally got up the courage to get back at it. It is probably more like make time more so than find courage. When I initially launched in March I had super-super high expectations for myself. Churn an article or two a week, manage the blog site, nothing for someone as experienced as myself. Or at least that’s what I thought! Boy did I ever fool myself. Life happened, family took priority, and I had to prepare for another trip across the Pacific (thanks to another individual who didn’t get a trophy …but we will save that for another rambling). Ultimately I had to cease fire on all projects that didn’t involve the four most important people in my life. I did so knowing that the war would be there when I was ready to return. So here it goes!!

The one positive aspect of waiting this long to write is the fact I have a few cool things to write about, as well as provide some insight as to what I think the future looks like for Rambling with Rooster. I assure you I have thought a whole heck of a lot over the last four months. I am happy, anxious, and hopeful, that with the right attitude and energy, I can grow this website into something fruitful.

So where did we leave off? I believe it was volunteerism. A great opportunity for individuals to give back to society. More on that later. First allow me to start with the turmoil and chaos! That is the one thing we do really well in our house. We have perfected the art of doing many things at once to see just how painful it can be. To our credit, it is usually not self-inflicted. Last December I did not think I would land in South Korea. In true Army fashion, it happened. Our family saw the graduation of our middle child coming, but it too hit us like a Peterbilt Truck! Graduation, departure, moving, college visits, affairs in order like stuff, and probably anything else you can think of, happened. We absolutely love it. I say that with every bit of sarcasm in me. I hope you can tell. Nonetheless, a lot went down and it can get very crazy …very quick. I am sure many of you reading can attest. You probably have your own stories that topple mine.

For those who routinely leave home, you understand the pain involved with saying goodbye to your loved ones. This time it was incredibly hard. You ever heard of the band Spiral Staircase? In 1969 they released a song titled, I Love You More Today than Yesterday, and buried in those lyrics they mentioned it not being more than how much they would love them tomorrow. That describes my wife and I. With over twenty years together, the tensile strength of our marriage has continually grown, unlike many you routinely hear about in social circles and society today. As for my kids, they are now grownups. We get coffee and write papers in awesome coffee shops. Together we enjoy a pleasant 160 degree sauna after a rigorous cardio or leg day workout. We watch fights and cheer on our favorites, or as a family enjoy Taco Tuesday. They all smile (not really …more like sigh) because everyone knows it is my favorite. We watch Marvel movies on release day and eat lots of Chick-fil-A afterwards. They are all awesome in their own, unique kinda way!

That is what makes it so hard to leave; however, their understanding of my obligations and support is what drives me, as well as catapults me through it. Hell, even if it is the sixth trip overseas spanning longer than 30 days.

This as I have described is what kept me away and I have no regrets. However, that is in the past and the team must forward. Resilience is one of the key ingredients to every tough situation. Adapt and overcome. Collectively we have done just that. Daily I seek ways to improve in this area and encourage those reading to internally explore the mechanisms you have in place. If you are struggling then simply seek help. Sometimes life gets to be a little too much. Do not suffer in silence. If you do not know who to ask, please feel free to email ramblingwithrooster [at] gmail [dot] com and someone will gladly provide you a resource or two. Often times, it is just a matter of talking to someone. 

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So in the last 130 days, that is where the preponderance of my energy has been spent. Of course a few of those days have been spent here on the peninsula, diving into a new job, environment, and seeking new ways to become fit. So what is next? Where are we headed at Rambling with Rooster? As mentioned, I’ve had 130 days. The direction is simple. I still want to write about things that are meaningful. I want to share my experiences in hopes that it will spur someone’s curiosity and help them live their best life. In the next 6 months I will decide whether or not to stick with the same domain name and Title. It could possibly change. I don’t know. This I think is an important decision, because I want Rambling with Rooster to be more than generalized blogging and writing. I want to share my experiences about health, as well as expand the aperture of my content, which includes a section on health, education, and anything else I become passionate about or someone recommends.

“Education Means Inspiring Someone’s Mind, Not Just Filling Their Head”

Katie Lusk

Next week I’ll begin an after hours study program tailored to helping less fortunate individuals achieve educational, personal, and life-long goals. I want to include this on the site. Material that will help others. I want to educate myself on non-profit organizations so I can establish one and raise awareness for those less fortunate. People who want to pursue a trade or skill. There has to be more we can do and I aim to find a way! All of it is stuff I want to include on https://ramblingwithrooster.com. I just have to find a way, which sometimes can be a struggle when family and the mission comes first. That I will not default on, even if it means another 130 days (just kidding)!

It was great to sit down and write today and I look forward to more to come. Expect these to get shorter. At the recommendation of a dear friend, I think I will aim for small, quality pieces until I can get settled back into things. I’m always interested in feedback or comments. Please feel free to drop them below, email, or social media. I always value what others have to say, good …bad … or indifferent.