Only What You Can Handle!

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

August has come and gone! In July I coined it Daunting August. For as long as I can remember, August has always held a special place in my family’s life. For many others, they associate it with the start of a new school year, new college semester, summer winding down, Friday night football games. In our household we refer to it as the month of everything and then some! We have birthdays, more birthdays, anniversaries, and a myriad of everything else. August seems like it contains everything and lasts twice as long as the average month!

“It is not more than you can handle. It is merely more that you thought you could do.

– Laura Breckenridge

This year was incredibly challenging and no different. As we strolled into the month of August, the family braced for the relocation of one of our own. I think this proved to complicate matters more than we could ever have imagined, but in true fashion the family prevailed. In addition to the run of the mill items August usually brings it piled it on incredibly hard this year. As the team plunged ahead the family suffered a minor setback in the dryer department. It was inevitable. It was only a matter of time before the clanking went south …and it did 😦 So for the husbands reading, don’t think it will get better with time. Lesson #1 …replace it when your wife brings it up the first time instead of waiting until you relocate overseas!

The previous paragraphs are only one part of the equation. They do not even account for the busy month I had doing Army stuff. The Army piled it on pretty heavily and boy was it a doozy! As I look back on it, I’m not sure exactly what I witnessed. I did survive and have even more belief now that everything happens for a reason. Literally and that is all I can say. Remember, you live to fight another day and regardless of your personal beliefs we all have an obligation to put forth our best effort.

So you are probably wondering where Daunting August is headed. A story riddled with a lot of hardship, work, major family events, to include a few highs such as our youngest turning sixteen, as well as the adoption of our newest addition, Ms. Zoey.

Our newest edition, Ms. Zoey. She is the sweetest, loving cat!

I am not a man of high spiritual belief. I do believe in something larger than myself and I think as every challenging situation passes, one has to take a look at exactly what life has given you to handle. In fact, I firmly believe LIFE only gives you what you can handle. From a physical perspective, the mind gives up before the body quits. From a mental perspective, attitude and patience are two of the finest qualities one can possess. These go hand in hand and can really be the difference in making it out of a situation with all your marbles in tack or completely losing it!

The next time you meet your daunting week, month, year, event, major life obstacle, or just the regular stressors, think about the team you have surrounding you. Think about those you rely on and how important it is to build a support structure based on trust, love, and togetherness. In 20+ years of raising a family, deployments, etc…our crew has taken a lot of pride in these principles, and just like the August’s before, we were able to tackle 2019’s with the same tenacity. The only exception is that we did it from three different geographical locations! Find and leverage your team. Tackle life’s challenges head on and remember, together is better and life only gives you what you can ultimately handle.